Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Father's Day Surprise

On Father's Day, SweetHeart Face took me to the movies and then we met our son, Rye, at Sonny's for barbecue. After eating we sat around for at least an hour catching up on all that had been going on since we went to NC about 3 weeks ago. We arrived home about 7:30 pm. I was in the house and SweetHeart Face was on the back patio checking on her orchids, and other plants when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door my grandson, Ise, from NC was standing there. He normally doesn't drive since he is only four. Then I noticed his mom, Jac, getting baby Dee out of the car. About then, SweetHeart Face came in the back door and as she noticed the little legs behind me Ise stuck his head around me into her view. When asked what he was doing here, he said "You missed me." His dad had to go out of town for a week so they decided to come visit us on Father's Day (week).

Here is baby Dee laying on a blanket in the back yard. The picture has her almost smiling but at this point she is almost 3 weeks old so this is probably not a conscious smile, but she is soooo darned cute.

Here is a shot of Ise in the backyard. A clue here is that he has just seen Kung Fu Panda for the second time. He loves that movie and is busy collecting as many Kung Fu Panda action figures from McDonalds as he can.

Not bad form for a four year old who has never taken any lessons. Ya gotta love him, he is basing all of this on the Kung Fu Panda movie.

When he gets a little older, I bet he would really enjoy some lessons.

Here is a shot of him at the little park up the road. The town has a really great little park and this is part of the playground. We went over one evening after the temperature cooled down and he had a great time running around there. The sign says the park has been there since the 1920's.

During the week they were here, Jac went to visit some of her old girlfriends and the children's grandparents so everyone could get their first look at baby Dee. This is a picture of Ise in Cocoa that I really liked. I didn't go on the trip but it was reported that all involved had a great time. With the cost of fuel, a small vehicle was used to keep the costs down, but small vehicles carry less people (although still tightly cramped) especially when car seats are involved.