Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lazy Acres RV Campground In Elberta, Alabama, November 2011

Here we are about 378 miles down the road in Elberta, Alabama. Google driving time was forecast at 6 hours and 32 minutes. I selected a 6:00 am reveille with an early departure and we left the house at (so much for plans) at 1030 am. With some other unscheduled stops and losing one hour by going into CST we managed to check in to the campground minutes before dark. I positioned the fiver in the light but everything else was completed using flashlights.

We went to watch the grand-children while their Mom ran in the Pensacola, Florida Marathon. This park is located about 20 miles from NAS Pensacola.

This place had lots of trees. However the park roads left plenty of lee way for turning and parking.

We traveled on Thursday to avoid any crowds on Veterans Day. On Friday the field in the background filled up with 110 Boy Scouts, their leaders and all of their equipment.

Friday night, the temperature dropped to 37 degrees. Saturday morning the fiver was a crisp 52 degrees inside. I can only assume it was much cooler in the Boy Scout tents.

From the other side.

Another shot head-on of the fiver sitting in her berth.

The cute sign they designated our site with. They were all similar, but the colors were different. They also had a small ornamental yard chair made in the same style outside their office entry.

Our picnic table area had plenty of room.

They provided a large truck tire rim as a fire pit which was used in the creation of those magical S'mores.

All hands creating more S'mores.

Toasting marshmallows, a treat by themselves.

The camp craft room,

Grand-children and the Grand-dog fill the place up.

Even the bedroom is full.

To be ready for tomorrow,

You need a good night;s sleep.

Nana's craft room is open.



And even more gluing.

A pine cone ornament,

And a wreath.

White glue takes awhile to dry,

And parts have been known to slide out of position.

But you have to keep trying.

Smiling for the photographer.

Next we have beading. The procedure here is to almost completely sting your beads before dropping the string. You then get to pick them up from wherever they scattered to.

Stringing beads,

And more stringing beads.

The return trip was mostly uneventful, just a little excitement in Tallahassee when a bozo in the left lane cut across my bow to exit in the right lane he should have been in about 1/2 mile back. He was so close a lot of his car disappeared under the front of my hood. There is no braking this rig when your that close... luckily he or she made it.

We also got to depart Alabama much later than desired so the last hour plus was in the dark... including backing the fiver into her berth alongside the house. The hour we lost headed West, we picked up when we returned East.

Truth be told, I had to straighten it a little the next morning.