Thursday, August 12, 2010

Change Versus Adventure

This was the last big weekend for the grandchildren. When the weekend was over, one group was en route to their new home in Maryland and the other group returned to their new home of one week in Alabama.

The Nana is posed with her grandchildren in the last group shot for awhile. The gang is not as ornery as they look. The photographer put them looking into the sun which was very bright.

The Pool.

It's only about 24 inches deep.

And it is filled with very cool water from the well.

But the kids love it.

From the littlest one, splash me again and you are going to eat it.

The bigger ones like the splashing,

The younger ones get antsy when the splashing and jumping starts running amok.

Looks like one of them is getting ready to get out.

With the smaller ones out of the pool, the splashing and jumping frenzy builds.

Pool time for the younger kids is limited by the water temperature and the actions of their older brothers/cousins.

So they go cook in the kitchen.

A bucket filled with water.

They play real good with the kitchen utensils, the available sand and water from the hose.

The Alabama portion of the family left Sunday afternoon. School is already in session there, it started last Friday. The big brother is expected in school early Monday morning.

Monday evening, an anxious seven year old awaits the dawn, knowing his life is changing way faster then he would like.

Eating a yogurt, he also looks a little apprehensive, but as a two year old, he is not sure why.

It is Tuesday morning and getting your picture taken at or about 0430 hrs is a shock. Here they are, the move is real.

And there goes the Prius to be followed by a 26 foot U-Haul rental truck loaded with everything they couldn't fit into the Prius.

Mom, Dad, three boys, two cats and two dogs heading for their adventure.