Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012, A nice G.R.,1918, B.S.A.Co., Sht. L. E. III*

What a great month this has been! Another find, a 1918 BSA No I MkIII* Enfield Rifle. The bolt, receiver and barrel serial numbers match, but someone sporterized it by cutting the stock thereby removing the up front hardware. The bore is dark but the rifling is still shiney.
The other side view. It doesn't look so bad from this angle.

But from this angle it looks like the missing stock was gnawed off by a rabid beaver.

The original front sight is an indication the barrel was not cut.

The barrel is blued with very little rust or wear spots.

The sight has multiple numbers stamped, but not the same as the bolt or receiver which do match.

Very little rust or wear as you can see.

Looks good.

The stock has a large S stamped on it, it means the butt is a short one. It has a brass butt plate but no unit disc on the stock.

The butt needs a through cleaning.

The forward stock will be replaced as soon as I can repair some cracks in the one I have available.

The metal still had some cosmoline in the internals which I cleaned before these pictures.

The top of the receiver.

Closeup of the rear sight top.

Closeup of rear sight port side.

My replacement stock that needs a few repairs on the butt end.


A careful look will reveal the area that needs repair.