Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mossberg 152 Project Completed

Here I am shown with my latest project, a Mossberg 152 semi-automatic .22 LR caliber rifle.

And a view of the other side.

The forearm is functional and folds down. The barrel and front sight cleaned up nicely.

As did the rear peep type sight.

The stock was finished with Formby's Low Gloss Tung Oil. I like the lower gloss on older rifles. I don't think the high gloss finish goes with the patina found on older firearms.

The stocks original finish and all else that accumulated over the years was stripped off with CitriStrip. I used the spray on can, but it can also be bought in quarts. it seems to work less harshly than some of the other types. I think it also takes longer on a polyurethane finish.

I have a digital camera, you you get a lot of different views of my project.

On this project, I did not try to get out all of the dents by steaming them. I wanted the rifle to look less abused but also used.

You can see that there is a piece of the forearm missing. at the muzzle end it is about 1/4 inch and it tapers off as it reaches the forearm pivot point. I cleaned and sanded the area but I did not attempt to replace the missing wood.

The paint and accumulation on the barrel and front sight cleaned off. I used 0000 steel wool and BreakFree on the small amount of rust found on the barrel.

Port side of rifle with the forearm in the down position.

Starboard side of rifle with the forearm in the down position

Happy Halloween Wranglers

My old Wrangler jeans. I bought these in May 08. Size 34 X 30 and they fit with some belly over the waistband. Now, when I cinch up my belt they look like pleated pants.

They also look like they have pleats in the rear.

So, off to Wally World to get some new Wranglers. These are 32 X 30. You can read it right off the tag.

I jumped into them at home and there are no pleats on the front.

Nor the back.

Today, the gauntlet has been thrown down, lets see who reacts to the challenge.