Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Adventure Continues, Tire Chapter

Saturday, I spent half a day in Tire Kingdom getting new tires for the dually. After I got the trailer home on Saturday a closer inspection with a flashlight revealed how bad the tires on the fifth wheel actually were.

Monday morning, I was back at Tire Kingdom to order four more tires, BFG 215/85R16 "E" tires just like the ones I put on the truck Saturday; for a total of 10 tires. I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday working on a plan to jack up the RV and set it on jack stands for safety as well as the built in landing gear and scissor jack stabilizers. This required a trip (South)to Ocala to get jack stands after the trip (North) to Tire Kingdom.

My original plan went down the tubes. A 20 ton bottle jack that had been seldom used was no good, I did not have the proper blocking to get either my jack or jack stands into effective and SAFE use.

This evolved into Plan 2, take either the forward tires or the after tires at the same time while leaving the opposite set for increased stability. Again, I could not use my jack stands in what I felt was a SAFE condition.

Plan three was to raise one side of the RV and take both tires on the same side. It was about a 40 minute ride to Tire Kingdom. I used my neighbors 3.5 ton car jack to assist with the scissors jack stabilizer and the landing gear forward to position the RV.

I didn't start with the camera until after I had done the Port side so here is a view of the Starboard side with the tires removed.

Two tires ready to go to Tire Kingdom for re-shoeing. I did this maneuver twice today also.

The Port side is complete, each bolt has been torqued to 85 ft-lbs.

The Starboard side is complete, each bolt has also been torqued to 85 ft-lbs.

A closeup of the little beauties. Interesting enough trailer tires do not come with lifetime mounting, balancing and a road hazard warranty. I had to pay for it but all of these tires have it. Also, I specifically ordered each tire to have a 2011 date code. The two tires on the front of the dually a date code of the last month of 2010 and they discounted each tire for me $30 because I specifically ordered date codes for 2011. Even so, they (all 10) were a lot of dinero.