Friday, August 06, 2010

A Couple Of Old Gals Get Dressed Up

I have had these pistols since the late 1960s. I thought it was about time to dress them up a little, so I ordered some walnut grips in the WWI pattern made by Colt from Midway USA.

Here I have one set installed so you can see the difference.

Here they both are wearing the new grips. I thought of changing the grip screws but to my reasoning, new screws would take away from the character of these fine pistols.

Making Blueberry Jam, July 2010

Whenever you make Blueberry Jam it is imperative you have helpers. Helpers are valuable to ensure there is no excess jam left in the mixing bowls that will not fit into a jar.

Tools of the trade.

The end result depends upon the amount of Blueberries you use, how much effort you want to expend and the Blueberries your helpers do not eat.

A $25 Summer Pool

The first pool we bought for the grandchildren was returned whence it came. It seems our county requires an $80 permit for any seasonal pool 30 inches or more in depth, water depth, not the height of the pool or, any pool with a filtration system. The permit is required to be renewed yearly.

So we got a $25 pool from Wal Mart. We fill it from the well, float a chlorine tablet in it overnight and adjust the chlorine level as required prior to swimming by adding more well water. We scoop out the big chunks and as required we dump and refill the pool.

I also bough two cheap tarps, one that fits under the pool to keep the pool off the ground. The other tarp is slightly larger than the pool and is used to cover the pool when not in use to keep things out of the pool.

Two cheap basins are provided for rinsing feet before jumping in the pool.

Well water is quite cool, er cold.

Lips may be turning purple even though the air temperature is close to 90 degrees.




Two lifeguards in attendance.

Some cousins have arrived.

Hitting on the lifeguard, it is an Irish male thing.

Five of them, seven years of age or younger.

Two two year olds. He claims he is really having fun and she, the youngest by three months, is holding her own with four rambunctious boys in the pool with her. No quarter asked, none given.

One of the more peaceful moments.

Another group shot.