Friday, February 06, 2009

Things Are Hoppin At Nan's And Cheez's

We have our daughter and children from NC and also some daily visits from another daughter and her children who live locally. So, I have some happy time pictures to show.

The newbie is eight months old and will stand at any time or opportunity, with or without adult help. Within seconds of this picture, her older brother walked up and opened the door from the outside. Not so much fun looking out the door then. Except for a rap on the gourd, all was well and she soon was back to her normal high spirits. Scared the crap out of the Safety Officer though. He saw it coming but was to far away to catch her.

Sky Bean, at 11 months is good at standing and even takes a few steps when he forgets himself. Not actually walking yet but very close. You can see by his normal look that life upsets him.

The face you get when you ask an Irishman to look like a pirate. He also says Arrrrgggghh Maitey very well. I think he is in training for "National Talk Like A Pirate Day".

Cousins hanging out around the backyard tug boat.

Gus working in the dirt. All of our grandchildren like to come over and play in the dirt. Summer is great because you can hose them down when they are dirty. The last few days the temperatures at night have been below freezing so there is not so much hosing going on.

I believe this actually looks like a Safety Officer in Training. I was not there for the picture so I don't know the story behind it. Ise is however sometimes referred to by his mother as a junior safety officer.

When all else fails, or whenever she feels like it, Nana is known to pick a baby up by their heels and blow in their ear. You can see it really scares them.

The smile is hidden behind the Bink. This picture was taken shortly after her brother opened the door on her. If she had a song it would, "I gotta be me"!