Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Mossberg Project

Mossberg 152, a 22 LR with a 7 shot detachable box magazine. The barrel is 18 inches in length. The rifle weighs 5 lbs. It has a Monte Carlo stock with a pistol grip and a hinged forearm that pulls down to form hand grip. The rifle has a Mossberg No. S109 front sight and a Mossberg No. S108 receiver sight. This model was made from 1948-1957.

Original sling swivel mounted on left side of the stock.

Left side of the action showing the detachable magazine and the S 108 Receiver Sight.

The right side of the action, the trigger card is scarred but whole.

The bluing is worn, with surface rust and pitting. The S 109 front sight is whole with some dirt, rust and paint on it.

The stock finish is marred, scarred and the finish is flaking and chipping. However, the stock appears to be walnut and has no observable cracks. The inside is dirty with powder residue from shooting lots of ammo.

The original forearm sling swivel is still in place and the forearm spring for the hinged forearm is still in place and functional.

The action appears to be functional when manually cycled but it is very dirty and will need to be completely disassembled.

The receiver sight demonstrates the patina of older blued firearms over time. There is also some surface rust but the sight is complete.

And the buttplate while scarred and marred is complete and uncracked.