Monday, August 18, 2008

An August Day At Silver Springs, Florida

A few days ago we spent the Day at Silver Springs, Natures Theme Park. We enjoyed it so I thought I would put some of our pictures up for viewing.

Nana on a glass bottom boat surrounded by some of her grandchildren.

Gus and Will are ready to roll, or maybe I should say float.

This may be Wills first boat trip. He keeps his eyes on everything. The pink cheeks indicate this Florida day is somewhat warm.

Sky is somewhat relaxed in Nana's arms. He only gets excited when it's time to eat.

As you can see, cameras were the order of the day. Digital cameras are greater than sliced bread.

Here you can get a better check on the days sweat level. On a scale of 1-10, it was probably a 12.

All of the grandchildren are trained to react when a camera is pointed in their direction. Some of them have reached the age where they no longer smile when asked. Sometimes they get tired of getting their pictures taken.

All of the older kids really liked the Carousel.

Of course their Mom's and the Nana did also.

More pictures of Nana, you can see she is still bothering that baby.

This little guy has not yet learned to smile on command. However, it does not take much effort to get a smile out of him yet. He loves the attention.

My toe shots for the competition toe shoot.

This guys job is to keep an eye on the forest at the back of Silver Springs.

This is a Jeep they said was left over from one of the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies from the 40's.

These are the older boys. It would appear they were having a good time.

This is the American Alligator in its native habitat. This alligator is a wild creature that lives on the water flowing out of the park. This is not an exhibit. That is why we were in a boat.

This is baby Dee, she is also a tad sweaty. However with multiple feedings and diaper changes she held up remarkably.

Another shot of the carousel, we hit that a couple of times.

You can see from this shot that both babies seem to travel well.

The gardens at Silver Springs were well maintained.

Here is a topiary or two depending on how you count them, as a set ot two singles.

More greenery along one of the walkways.

My blushing bride, the infamous and world renowned "Nana".

A picture of one of the springs taken from the lift ride. The lighter colored water is one of the springs. There are multiple springs at Silver Springs.

Check out the way this tree grew.

Some of the glass bottomed boats awaiting passengers for a waterborne tour of some of the springs.

A group of tourists looking for adventure in Silver Springs.

Some of them start smiling when they see a camera pointed in their direction. Then you have to take their picture so they won't be disappointed.

Silver Springs has two white alligators at their park. You will have to guess which one this is. When we were there this one was on the right.

This large American Alligator has a private pen. The keeper said he "does not play well with others." They have one gator who lost a tail and another who lost a leg to this big boy.

This Nile Crocodile I thought was the scariest. It was obvious that when I was looking at him, he was looking at me. He kept positioning himself behind the glass to keep an eye on me. He looked like he would attack in a heartbeat if he had the opportunity.

This is a large American Crocodile and I do mean large.

Not everyone had a smile on all day long. This was not the only grumpy face, it just happened when I had the camera and nothing else to do.