Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Wild Afternoon At Chuckie Cheese's Birthday Emporium

On a Friday afternoon that seems so long ago in a different galaxy, a birthday party was held at Chuckie Cheese. Here are some of the pictures from that gala.

Here we have they world famous Chuckie Cheese in full control of the situation.

You can plainly see who is the star of the show today.

This is a shot of "The Dancing Fools" in motion.

The star of the show does a solo.

The stars sister, who did not wish to be identified; is trying to maintain her image during this wild party.

The youngest cousin present decided not to get excited, which is a good thing. The boy can get excited when he so decides.

And of course there was a Nana present.

One cousin was enamored of the yellow bus. Just about everyone of his tokens went to drive the bus.

Here the star and her mom play a little table hockey. The star has a wicked little arm and had mom hustling to keep up.

Another shot of "The Dancing Fools"