Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire, 2010

The young gentleman play a game at the annual Hoggetowne Medieval Fair.

This is the second day of the first weekend of the Faire. The day before was cold and rainy. On Sunday the weather was better and it seemed like a lot of folks came to the Faire.

A typical booth at the Faire.

A young gentleman checks out his first sword before purchase.

Future knights await the start of the joust.

Newly purchased swords are displayed.

Challenges are issued.

And accepted.

Our hero, this knight represents our side, which just happened to be the "sunny" side of the field.

One of the two Ladies who accompanied the knights, she traveled with the other or "shady side" knight.

The "shady side" knight, who I believe eventually won the joust.

The two knights pass each other in the joust.

By the time the games had ended, the sun was very low behind the trees and my photography had long since ceased. I and those with me got very cold before we departed the area and headed to Sonny's Barbecue for a joyous repast.

Frozen Melrose

Ice in Melrose.

The hose had some ice in it and when I turned the water on it made a pile of ice. It took two days for that ice to go away in Melrose, FL. It is not often we get the cold weather we had during January.

The grass, in which you can see a little green, was totally frozen and even as I write this there is no green grass in my yard. Their is green clover and dandelions but no new grass growth yet.