Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Soccer In Alabama

Everyone needs their own soccer ball. Sometimes someone without ball takes one from someone who has a ball. This can be aggravating to the owner of the ball.

Lined up for a pre-game drill on the field.

Hurry up and wait is aggravating at any age.

Two colors of shirts, the game is ready to roll.

The ball is headed for the end zone with players in hot pursuit.

Ran right out of his shoe.

Kicking the ball back into play.

Package check, checked satisfactory.

A complaint is being lodged.

She heard the camera click as he complaint was being transmitted.

This age group is moving out of the "Herd Ball" phase and actually playing some soccer.

It's very early in the season, so uniforms were handed out today.

My Blushing Bride reading to some of her grandchildren.

Trying to convince nana that Binks serve a purpose,

There are no new plots, just variations on old stories.

Working the X-Box, a little Mario keeps a kid entertained.