Friday, May 01, 2009

Cactus Flower

This is a cactus flower. The cactus is a long spline variety that grows wild all around this area. You can see one of the splines sticking out from cactus below the flower.

We picked up the plant from a vacant lot in our area and stuck it in a pot.

It sits outside the garage door and pretty much is on it's own. The flower is about the size of a 3-4 inch rose.

A Short Trip To North Carolina

High Speed Baby. Getting a head-on shot with a moving kid is tricky. The photographer better be up and moving back while taking the picture.

This is how his public views him, while he views them.

I need a Speedo. How am I ever going to do my 50 laps with my pants dragging like this?

Nobody, but nobody, gets the ball while I am Team Captain.

Water Sports 101. Remember, everything on this pool needs to be blown up, either by mouth or some device.

I love this game.

Score 1 to 0

Another fine swimmer ready for summer.

More fun than the beach. The water doesn't knock you down and it's not salty either.

Another shot at the NC Yard Doggie. He likes to sit around and watch his people.

Just how much fun do you think you can have with a small basket designed to sit on a shelf and hold stuff?

Another shot of Fun In The Basket.

When I took this picture, she could stand while holding on to something, like a coffee table. But she was not walking yet, not even two or three steps to a human catcher.

North Carolina Dad

North Carolina Mom

The North Carolina branch of the family.