Friday, January 16, 2009

Two New Projects For 2009

A Mossberg Model 46B, circa 1938-1946, with a broken stock in need of some surgery followed by some TLC.

A Mosssberg Model 46M(b), circa 1947-1952, also in need of some TLC.

I really enjoy the challenge of refurbishing these old rifles. Right now, I am awaiting their delivery via the Brown Truck Of Happiness (BTOH). More pictures and information will follow as this project continues.

Some Before Christmas Pictures Taken in NC

Baby Dees first Christmas. That's not her present but she sure liked the ribbon.

Here we put Baby Dee next to her big brother and to see what happens.

Hmmmm. The baby notices her older brother appears to have something interesting in his hand.

Here, her focus becomes more intense.

Here Baby Dee moves into phase two, her let me see it now phase.

And finally, the total investigation phase.