Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week At Cape San Blas, FL

First time at the beach.

Buddies at play.

Full speed, so much to do and see.


Beach bums on parade.

Trying for the big one!

Our place also came with a pool.

Move way back Nana!

Jumping in, a team sport.

Or a single's event.

Nana and Laine-Laine in the pool.

Nana and her saltwater catfish.

The occasional porpoise swam by, sometimes as a single and sometimes in a school.

The local popcorn eaters anonymous chapter meeting.

A rainy day along the shoreline.

Another section of the coast.

Cape San Blas lighthouse.

Oil storage building for the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is open for visitors.

All but Cheez!

Someone was a tad tired of the camera.

Nana and Cheez, Cape San Blas Lighthouse.

Shoreline in the rain.

Shoreline in the rain.

Shoreline in the rain.

Even more shoreline.

Searching for beach treasures.

Giant smile.

Dad & daughter checking the beach together.

Learning Frisbee skills.

a great throw.

The pelicans were fun to watch as they patrolled the beach.

A happy family.

All to soon, you have to leave the beach.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

50th Year Reunion

This summer we traveled to Baldwinsville, NY to attend the Charles W Baker High School (Baldwinsville Academy & Central School) 50th year reunion of the Class of 1961.

I attended this school for 11th and 12th grades while the majority of my classmates went through the same school from beginning to end. I didn't know all of them when I was in school and some I didn't know at the reunion even when I could read their name tag.

However, we had a great time. We even took the opportunity to visit my brother and his wife Rick & Jan in Central Square. On Sunday before leaving the area we had breakfast with Rick, his son, and his two grandchildren. A short social hour before departing.

On the cruise to Lock 24.

Residences or camps along the river.

Maudie with Dave & Sheryl, enjoying themselves and the ride. I had often thought I may have been the youngest in the class. A conversation with Sheryl revealed she was born on the same day as me. As a gentleman, I will assume she is the youngest.

An unknown type flowering tree of which there where many at this time of the year in Central New York.

Headed West, entering Lock 24, Baldwinsville, NY.

The Red Mill Inn, Baldwinsville, NY; a great place to stay.

The ship's bell.

Exiting Lock 24 on the upstream side where the cruise will turn around and head for home back through Lock 24.

I believe this is called Freedom Park.

West side of Lock 24 also showing the Red Mill Inn.

Lock 24 Bar & Grill, location of stand up cocktails.

Blue heron on the canal East of Lock 24.

Our canal cruise ship. The ride, the crew and the food were excellent.

This is a beauty.

The view from our room at the Red Mill Inn.

This pretty much says it all.

A violin solo at the Saturday dining in.

A table full of revelers on Saturday night.

Doing the dances from high school.

My beautiful wife, who did not go to this high school but indulged me by coming with me. I love her with all my heart.

Comparing notes at the table.

Small groups everywhere.

More dancing, I wonder where all my peers are. I didn't see any of them dancing.

After parting from Central Square, it was about an eight hour drive to our next stop in Takoma Park, MD. There we visited our daughter Marcy, her husband Charlie and their three sons.

These pictures were taken right after we had breakfast in a great little deli style place Marcy and Charlie selected. The waitress we had was great!

Nana and Finn at breakfast.

The family after breakfast just before our departure. Bean is trying for an Oscar.

Beans grimace kept changing, he has his image to uphold.

I think he may be destined for a career in the theater.