Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Week At Cape San Blas, FL

First time at the beach.

Buddies at play.

Full speed, so much to do and see.


Beach bums on parade.

Trying for the big one!

Our place also came with a pool.

Move way back Nana!

Jumping in, a team sport.

Or a single's event.

Nana and Laine-Laine in the pool.

Nana and her saltwater catfish.

The occasional porpoise swam by, sometimes as a single and sometimes in a school.

The local popcorn eaters anonymous chapter meeting.

A rainy day along the shoreline.

Another section of the coast.

Cape San Blas lighthouse.

Oil storage building for the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is open for visitors.

All but Cheez!

Someone was a tad tired of the camera.

Nana and Cheez, Cape San Blas Lighthouse.

Shoreline in the rain.

Shoreline in the rain.

Shoreline in the rain.

Even more shoreline.

Searching for beach treasures.

Giant smile.

Dad & daughter checking the beach together.

Learning Frisbee skills.

a great throw.

The pelicans were fun to watch as they patrolled the beach.

A happy family.

All to soon, you have to leave the beach.

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Shirleym said...

Wonderful pictures Mr. Ashley. Looks like a spot we may have to check out!