Friday, January 09, 2009

The Christmas Play

In early December, Ise played "Joseph" in the church school play. He got upset the final day of practice because "Mary" was giving him to much direction; so he informed everybody that he quit.

"Mary" agreed to stop with the constant direction of "Joseph" and the band played on. Little does "Joseph" know what awaits him in the coming years.

The show started at about 6:00 pm and by the time it ended at or about 7:00 pm there were little actors and actresses asleep in their positions on the stage. You can see here, that "Joseph" is looking for his own manger.

Boys Bowling

Over Christmas we visited our daughter, her husband and their two children. Here are some pictures of Luke with his his son, Ise bowling. I came along to work the camera.

This is Ise with the bowling ball he used.

This is a typical delivery. The ball is relatively large when compared to the bowler but that didn't seem to phase him.

And we have pins that are knocked down. This is not their first time bowling and Ise had a really good time.