Friday, December 16, 2011

Springfield Model 187R 22 Caliber Rifle

A Springfield Model 187R came across my work bench. For those who like to detail clean and/or repair, I think it is good to have some pictures of the action on hand before disassembly commences.

Right side of the receiver view.

Left side of trigger group & safety.

Right side of trigger group & safety.

Closer view of right side safety.

Closer view of right side of trigger group.

Closer view of left side trigger group.

Left side of trigger group.

Left side of receiver towards muzzle.

Forward end of receiver, aft end of barrel.

Bottom of trigger group.

Right side of receiver, open bolt.

This is a schematic of a Model 187N rifle from*)which seems to be similiar to the Model 187R.

More Christmas 2011

A Christmas wreath by Delaniums.

Pine cone Christmas tree by Ise.

Pine cone Christmas tree by Delaniums.

Pine cone Christmas tree by Nana.

Nana's craft class grouping.

Delaniums with her dance instructor Miss Kate. After Christmas, Miss Kate is headed for a tour in Germany.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Our Christmas Tree, 2011

By the look of this table, Christmas may be in the air.

THE tree is finally on the urn. The cat, Pretzel, is celebrating her first Christmas with us and is not sure what is up.

This tree was made with small pine cones among the branches.

The "Old Salt" assists the Blushing Bride by installing the light strings.

The Blushing Bride putting the lights on properly.

Here it is folks, our tree for Christmas 2011.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nana's Headboard 4.1, November 2011

Well Headboard 4.0 didn't last long.

Chocolate cover removed and new cover awaiting installation.


The new cover.

Using the same cleat in the same location.

Cover installed.

Re-covering the buttons.

Each button has to be done.

The Nana in full swing.

Preparing the anchors for the buttons.

Re-covered buttons waiting to be installed.

Threading the buttons for installation.

Ready to hang.

Installed and on line; patiently waiting Headboard 4.2 or 5.0 whichever comes first.

Nana's Headboard 4.0, October 2011

When you build a headboard, make the initial one large so you can reduce it later as she wants.

getting ready to remove the peak.

Physical alterations complete.

Recovered with the base cloth,

Finished and re-installed with a chocolate cover, The buttons are included buy you can not see them.

Nana's Headboard 3.0, November 2010

Lay out your plan.

Prepare the plywood back and cut out your form.

Lay down your foam padding.

Glue in place, two layers.

Cover your foam with a couple of layers of cloth.

Wall cleat installed.

Cleat installed on back of headboard. The smaller blocks down low ensure the headboard hangs against the wall properly.

Test mount against the wall.

Our bed has been relocated to the center of the room for the duration of this project.

Checking out the cloth for the final covering to see if it "goes" with the room.

Final cover in place awaiting the buttons.

Adding the cloth covered buttons.

Each also is hand anchored to a screw on the back of the headboard.

Anchor screw.

Adding the buttons is a time consuming process.

Finished and mounted on the wall.