Sunday, July 14, 2013

Update: Olivia Lynn

 Nana and Olivia

More Nana and Olivia

Nana's first chance to bathe Olivia

Another shot of the bath

Olivia seems to enjoy the warm water

At this point, Olivia seems focused on the camera

No crying during this bath, a good time was had by all

Relaxed and contented, waiting for the next chow call

Monday, July 01, 2013

New Grand Daughter, Olivia Lynn

Nana with the happy couple and the new grand baby!

Nana and Cheez with Mom, Dad and Baby Girl!

Nana working her magic!

Can you tell Nana is happy!

A close-up of the new baby girl!

 The NEW family!

One tired baby!

Another happy Nana shot!

I love the hat!

Nose poke!

Family members checking out the new baby!

Diaper change at the hospital, lots of training going on here.