Friday, August 01, 2008

Sea World In July

I have been to Sea World when it is really hot and now I have been there when it rains. I think I will take the rainy day over the heat; particularly when the rain causes the day to cool down and doesn't get muggy.

Sea World was not full to begin with and it seems some folks left during and after the rain which made it even nicer.

Of course, my blushing bride was there. She even brought her camera and took a few pictures. As you can tell, she likes theme parks; what you can't see is she loves theme parks with her grandchildren.

The first show we watched was Believe starring Shamu and his family. The killer whales always put on a great show. They can demonstrate an awful amount of power.

Here a sea world whale trainer stands on the whales nose as it comes up from the bottom of the observation tank. The whale comes much farther out of the water than this shot shows.

A highlight of the show for many is when the whales splash the crowd. The water in the tank is set to what Orcas like not what people would normally swim in. The water is cold and the whales can throw huge amounts of it. If you have a camera and want pictures you need a waterproof camera to sit next to the tank.

This is Baby D, 8 weeks old, doing her thing at Sea World. In this picture, she is quite damp from the rain, her hair looks somewhat plastered but she trucked on.

These are Baby D's toes. Every since one of my daughters took some shots of little toes on the beach we try to one up each other with little toe pictures. These aren't sandy, they were sleeping.

Nana and Isaac always have a good time wherever they are, rain or shine. It mostly rained while we were at the show staring Shamu. Then it drizzled for a little but it eventually stopped - a typical central Florida afternoon.

By this picture it is drying up a little, you can see Baby D's hair is not so messed up. By this time she has had her knickers changed, ate, barfed and is ready to go.

A shot of Ise and his Mom on the kids roller coaster. He said he wanted to go, but he also admitted that it really scared him. It's a real roller coaster, not as high as the Kraken and you don't go upside down but pretty impressive to a four year old.

A gratis smile.

Baby D liked to look at the quilt placed over her stroller. It seemed to calm her when she would get a little antsy. The Nana came up with that idea and Baby D really liked it. I just stuck the camera in the side of the stroller for this shot.

Check the facial expressions and guess which one really is airborne qualified.

Contrary to popular belief it is really the mom's who teach their kids to put their hands up during the ride.

A pair of dolphins at the start of the show.

This picture and the next one show how the dolphins move their trainers around the pool underwater.

In this picture the trainer has one hand out in front, while in the above picture his arms were at his side.

Here the trainer is half in the water and half out. Think of the amount of pressure that must be on him as he moves around the pool on that dolphin. Check out the wake.

The dolphin show has a lot of aerobatics, here are two divers going into the pool from on high.

A dolphin in midair, the trainer in the back is giving a hand signal to one of the animals.

Two dolphins walking on their tails across the tank.

A closeup of one dolphin tail walking.

An enmasse jump.

Nana and Ise doing their thing on one of the rides.

Is anyone ready to go?

Lets spin it really fast.

Who put this hat on my head?

It couldn't have been Mom, she is holding me with both hands.

There is such a thing as to much fun.

At this point Baby D still had it together. The actual meltdown came about 45 minutes later when we stopped to eat supper at Denny's.