Sunday, December 07, 2008

Some Memories Of S'Mores In August 08

Nana is the senior Girl Scout in this family and Nana loves S'Mores.

You don't even have to be a Girl Scout to know you need a campfire to make S'Mores. Since our area of Florida has had its share of forest fires, Nana got her own firepit for the making S'Mores.

Making S'Mores is more fun when you have a crew to roast the marshmellows. Here are a Ise and Gus at work toasting their marshmellows.

Not everyone likes their marshmellow on fire. To some crewmembers it was upsetting when their marshmellow caught fire.

Then again, sometimes you have to get close enough to the firepit to at least warm the marshmellow.

Properly prepared S'Mores have a short lifespan. Well I guess improperly prepared ones also have short lifespans. While Baby D looks like she wants a S'More, this picture was taken just shortly before she decided she was going to eat real food. Perhaps that was the "last straw" that got her to eating real, not baby, food. If you tried to eat a S'More that close to her now there would be a problem.

Gus ensures their is no fire on his marshmellow.

This could be an Irish jig or like my cat, Gus could have realized he should be somewhere else.

Will does not like to wait for the marshmellow to cook. He is the youngest boy and rather than wait, he eats his marshmellows straight up. He has a couple in his left hand.

A shot of Ise and Will goofing around. You have to start traing kids about S'Mores when they are young. However, when they are young they quickly lose interest.

Ise assemblying a work of art, a S'More good enough to give to Nana.