Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mossberg Model 46B Project Begins

The Mossberg Model 46B was made from 1938 to 1940. I am going to repair the stock and put this fine little beauty back into service. At this point, the rifle has just been unpacked after receipt. Rest assured, I bought it in this condition. So far, all I have done is remove the trigger guard which held the two stock pieces together.

Yep, during my initial inspection, I broke the little ear off checking for cracks in the stock. I need to identify any cracks in the stock resulting from the stress that broke the wrist. On the bright side, you can see the little safe-fire buttons are still with the stock.

This is the right side of the break in the wrist. There are gaps around the edges that will have to be filled in. I don't have any of those pieces, so we will carry on without them.

Another look at the wrist. This the underside showing the groove into which the trigger guard fits. To a varying degree, gaps exist all the way around the wrist. My start will be to bond the two larger portions, butt stock and forearm together.

This is an Acraglas Kit, which I will use along with an oak dowel inserted through the wrist to effect the repair.

There are some small cracks in the tang of the stock. My first hope is they will be stabilized when I bond the butt stock to the forearm. But I will keep an eye on the cracks to see if pins may be required.

This is the butt of the stock with the butt plate removed. Obviously some kind of inappropriate screw has been used in the past to secure the butt plate.

As I write this, the Acraglas Kit is riding "The Brown Truck of Happiness" enroute from Brownells, Inc. to my house.