Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 2012, Blueberry Hill RV Park, Bushnell, FL

 Thursday, the first group arrives.

 All set up, everything went fine,

 Except for the love bugs. The leading edge of my rig has already been scrubbed but you can still see the remains of the love bugs. The perpendicular area was solid black when we arrived... the sloped areas were much less so. Every black dot on the front was made by a pair of love bugs. The rig needs a good coat of wax, at least on the leading edge, before her next road trip

 My blushing brides work area. At this location, she worked tethered to her cell phone.

 Security, ready to repel boarders.

 An interesting flag on the walls of the clubhouse.

 The Wagon Master's rig got tagged by the trailer hauling the BBQ grills.

 By Friday we had a lot more rigs in attendance.

 Another shot of some of the rigs attending our Roaming Elks Rally.

 More from another angle.



 Main clubhouse and office building.

 Monday morning...  three rigs left.

 This one did not start when it was time to depart Sunday morning. The problem seemed to be either the starter or the starter solenoid.

Auto Zone, located at the end of the campground... and they have either part in stock in the building. Just waiting for Monday to ensure we changed the correct part. This campground is next to a nice Wal Mart, McDonalds and Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sunday night's supper was KFC Buffet. I did get the F350's oil changed Saturday since it was so close.

Monday morning, while waiting for a call from Good Sam's Roadside Service, I tried it again. My blushing bride had just hit the shower when the truck started. We cancelled the roadside service, and completed the steps necessary to depart asap with the F350 running. And when the trailer was safely moored alongside the house we took the truck to our mechanic for service. Since he could only get it to NOT start once, he replaced the solenoid mounted over the right front wheel. We are still trying to duplicate the NO start but he said 90+ % it is usually the solenoid he replaced.

April 2012, Sugar Mill Ruins RV Park

The entrance to Sugar Mill Ruins RV Park, New Smyrna Beach, FL.


Pool and recreational area.

A view of the clubhouse through the trees.
Tent camping area. This park has a lot of trees, some of which lean into the road making a cautious approach to your site necessary.

Our rig all connected and readt for the weekend.