Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day With Nana And Cheez

Our grandson's, to a boy - even a 17 month old, like movies. Yesterday they came out to see us. In very short order, Wil asked if they could watch a movie. His older brother, Gus, thought that was a very good move.

While they were in the older brother/younger brother dickering mood over the movie to watch their younger walked past them both, picked up a movie and delivered it to me as his input. Since the two oldest couldn't reach an agreement we watched the one presented by "Bean."

Shrek 2 seems to be holding their attention.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My son-in-law at work in Afghanistan. May the good Lord hold him safe.
Pictures like this continually remind me that "Freedom is not free."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nana's Babysitting Saturday

The boys started off the day with a movie they selected.

When that was over, we put on this movie.

During the movies, the boys played with the toy soldiers and

the toy dinosaurs we keep in the toy box for these occassions.

Suddenly, in the middle of the second movie the two older boys were struck with starvation. This in spite of consuming yogurts , fruit and other snacks while watching and playing. As it so happens, we have a supply of "Happy Meals" not to far up the road.

Today, by special request we would be traveling by diesel power. Boys, small or large, young or old, like big trucks. Sadly, the littlest brother would not be accompaning us as he was overwhelmed by his need for a nap.

After lunch, Nana set up the slip-n-slide. Bean is ready to go after his nap and lunch. He is a great fan of doing whatever his brothers do.

The boys like the slip-n-slide, but well water is cold and it takes a little getting used to.

Still getting in.

Here is the big brother to show the others how it is done.

Bean was not into running and sliding. He just liked being wet and putting his body into the water. When I picked him up, the term "Frog Body" came to mind. That water is really really cool.

Here is Wil demonstrating his finest high speed slide.

More Wil as he hits the end zone.

This is Gus' best shot. He put a lot into this one and went all the way.

Bean getting a snack. Turns out he thinks he can feed himself. Nana is trying to get some into him between his attempts.

He does a good job, but he doesn't want a lot of help. Consequently, he doesn't eat as much as he would as when he is fed so he gets hungry more often and since he can't really tell you when he is hungry he sometimes acts grumpy. At least that's Nana's theory.

Just a cute shot of a boy mugging for the camera.

Later in the evening, it was tub time. All of the grandchildren have always liked tub time.

He was washing his own face, but camera lag screwed that up. By the time the shot was taken he was watching the water run out of the washcloth.

He knows he is freaking cute.

Bean is washing Wil's head for him. That's what brothers are for.

The living room while Gus watches tv during his brother's bath. The forts have been dismantled and the toy soldiers and dinosaurs have been picked up but as you can see there is still more to do.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July Rainy Day

The weather guessers say we have a 70-80% chance of rain all week long. This of course is not just rain, it comes with lightning, thunder and sometimes high winds and other niceties such as hail.

This is a 16 month old who thinks he has it down. How hard can it be since his six year old and four year old brothers can do it; so can he.

The Nana likes to keep little projects around the house for visiting grandchildren. When you have a really hot or wet day it gives them something to do besides watch videos.

What Bean doesn't know is his glue has the cap screwed down so he can copy his brothers but the mess is minimized,

Gus the Elder and Wil the Younger are more experienced in the art of projects.

Mom is also there to maintain law and order.

You can see Bean watching the other two actually get some glue out of the container. He is very observant. Earlier the adult conversation revolved around squirt guns over the 4th weekend. The four year old could make his work. The 16 month old could not make his work; so he kept making his older brother trade squirt guns with him trying to find one that worked. Pretty dang smart I think.

Always thinking! I believe he has just been asked if he would like some chicken McNuggets.

Lucky for us, it doesn't rain inside McDonalds and the Happy Meals this week are based on the recent Ice Age movie presently showing in the local theaters.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nana, What Is This

This is cool. I wonder what it is.

I should show this to Nana, she always knows about everything.

Wow, you can bend it over and look right in.

All of those pink things keep coming off.

I sure hope I don't drop any of them.

Yea, I'm going to have to check with Nana about these things. They don't seem to hold up very well. Nana, Nana where are you.

Sky Beans New Hat

This is my normal traveling hat. It is usually with me where ever I go.

This is my grandson, Sky Bean. He likes hats. He likes any and all hats. Normally as soon as I come through the door he strips me of my hat. Sometimes this means I forget my hat when I leave since it is now laying on the floor of Beaner's room.

So the plan, based on his mother's idea, is to get him his own hat. I would then wear his new hat like it was mine into his house. Here Sky Beans new hat being worn by me so he would want it.

It worked, it's would appear it has been accepted and approved.

Bowling In June

On a hot day in June we decided to go bowling just get out of the sun while staying out of the heat. For these guys, fun is the name of the game, even though each one of them was saying he was going to win.

Here Gus practices his slam to the floor delivery.

When you are this age, the delivery is not as relevant as the returning victory dance. A theme you will see often in these pictures.

As at all public events, while some work the crowd, others work a purse.

Here, Mom offers advice on the delivery.

And again we have the return from delivery victory dance.

Ise approaches the line for his delivery.

Wil awaits his returning ball while keeping his fingers clear.

Ise is a well known enemy of the elusive pretzel. He hunts them down and estroys them where ever he finds them.

Even Beaner, age 13 months, thinks he can do it. It sure looks like he is figuring his next shot.

Making sure the pins have reset.

The delivery, not bad at all.

Gus working on his delivery.

Future bowlers don't come any cuter than this.

Nana, the head cheerleader and her able assistant.

The scoreboard, not exactly accurate as the bowlers randomly pushed some of the controls.


More delivery.

Another dance for ball control.

And the victory strut.

The following three pictures were taken in succession while the ball was rolling down the lane towards the pins.
The ball is delivered down the lane.

Prayers for guidance are said.

Consolation is offered.