Saturday, January 29, 2011

01-29-2011, Seaman Recruit Sailor Reports For Duty

Seaman Recruit Sailor reported for duty on or about 1200 hrs today. Here she is on the screen porch with the Blushing Bride. It was BB who arranged for Sailor's transfer.

Sailor is reported to be a Corgi mix of about 32 lbs. However, she also looks like she could have dashing Dachshund in her background. They say she is fully house trained and likes cats. Crash may change her opinion of cats.

She briefly met Crash during her initial yard patrol and it appears she is wondering:
"What the hell was that? and,
"Where is it now?"

Up to this report, neither cat has rushed forward to welcome her aboard.

Her collar is a little large but you have to have a dog to size before you can purchase a collar that fits.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011, New Year, New Cat

A dinner party, a glass of wine and Voila, a new cat.

The cats name is not Voila and the cat did not drink any wine. Neither did the "Old Salt."

Their is some talk of calling her Poppy as the wine drinker likes "P" names for pets. You can see how the cat responds when called Poppy.

Right now she is confined to the "Man Room" while we keep trading her blanket with Crash's blanket. The idea is to let each of them find out there is another cat in the house. Neither of them have showed any response, but Shasta sure knows there is another cat in the house. There is no fooling that dog when it comes to cats.