Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011, A Great Day And A Great Weekend

The table is set and ready with a combination of tasty treats.

The family shots have to have one person missing to operate the camera.

The Old Salt and his Blushing Bride.


Hazel and Sailor, friends from the get go.

"Dead Body" an un-stuffed dog toy. The only thing that comes in them is a small squeaker at each end. Dogs LOVE them.

They really are friends and here they are playing "dog" style. Although, once in a while, stern words were spoken from the older dog (Sailor, about 2 yoa) to Hazel (about 8 mo old).

Saturday night, another family dropped by on their way home. This is our granddaughter playing with Nana's cell phone.

Crash, our crippled male tomcat, wants nothing to do with late night company who brought their dog. He wants out and was very unhappy.

Pretzel, was not to happy about company but she is more laid back than Crash.

Pointing out possible Christmas gifts in a sales flyer.

The bed is all made up for the kids. They were departing the next morning in the 0400-0500 time frame.

She never misses a chance to spritz Nana's bathroom plants.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blue Angels In Flight, NAS Pensacola, November 2011

These pictures were taken on Saturday from the Navy Exchange parking lot NAS Pensacola during the Blue Angel portion of the air show. Later they said in excess of 100,000 people attended the air show.

Somebody doesn't always like her picture taken.

Pensacola Marathon, November 2011

Race day was also the day of the NAS Pensacola Air Show. As we arrived to catch Jacqui at the end of her marathon these planes flew past in formation.

Everybody had their signs ready to cheer Jacqui-Mom on at the end of the race.

Some race day flowers.

The clock tower at the corner marks the last turn into the finish line about two blocks away. Our arrival time at the clock tower is 10:40 am.

The end of the line.

Family waits.



And Waits some more.

Bronze sidewalk art,

Makes a great seat.

Here she comes, at this point I do not think she has seen any of us yet.

Holding her position,

Still Holding,

We have recognition, the facial expression changes and she picks up the pace leaving behind the gal next to her.

Still increasing the spread.

She is way ahead now on the turn.

Lots of (pain) concentration and focus showing on her face.

In the background, Ise is trying pace her to the end of the block. However, in about 3 seconds he returns to give Nana his sign and loses his chance. He really is a runner and so is his sister.

Two blocks to go until the finish line.

She passed the clock tower at 12:05 pm.

Veteran's Park, View 1,

View 2,

View 3,

Pensacola Marathon Finish Line.

Just In Case You Disassembled Your Mossberg Model 46M (a) Without Taking A Picture

Mossberg Model 46m(a) Action. A picture to show what goes where. Most of the views on the Internet show the parts, but not assembled. I took these pictures from another Model 46M (a) because I couldn't get the tore down one together without looking.

From the left side.

From the right side.

Close-up left side.