Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trading Movies And Fun In The Sun

Nana and Will pose on the patio swing. You gotta get these shots when you can. If Will thinks you are taking to many he will not turn his face towards you.

This is Newbie, he also dropped by the Old Homestead today with his brother Will and their mother.

Will again, his mother brought along some kind of chocolate chip, nut filled muffin cupcakes. Whatever they are technically, Will made sure he got his. He seldom passes up any food of this type. He may skip over his broccoli but not this stuff. It's probably a skill he got from his Nana called Dessert First.

All of the grand boys love balls. Any kind, super balls, tennis balls, soccer balls or just plain balls. It seems to be a literal part of their being. The only thing that distracted Newbie from his ball was his brother Will.

The entire time Will was playing on this ball, Newbie could not take his eyes off of him. Newbie was totally impressed, if he could only walk he would have had that ball. I tried to get a shot of Will bouncing off of the ball because his mom was sort of dribbling him.

Here we have Newbie driving the little plastic chair around on the patio. He is moving the chair but it only goes in little arcs because he has not figured out the "left foot, right foot, repeat" thing as of yet.

Newbie working on the indoor track. He is really still working on the "left knee, right knee, repeat" thing. We think our rug might not be as soft as his home rug but then again we have more rug than tile which is the opposite of his home.

Will is another movie person. Every time he comes for a visit he borrows some movies. Usually he also wants to watch a movie as soon as he gets here. But, since he likes to be outside so much he never watches the whole movie. Whenever he brings back the ones he has, he can check out some more. He also loves popcorn and a drink with his movie.

Last but not least we have a shot of one of Nana's orchids from the patio.