Monday, July 28, 2014

USS Sarda (AGSS-488), My First Submarine

This was my first submarine after graduation from Submarine School. She served as a Sub School training aid for Officer and Enlisted Sub School students. We normally went to sea daily, making 8 dives before the noon meal and 8 dives after. During the Cuban Crisis she was sent into the North Atlantic to watch for Soviet submarines. We also made trips to Halifax, NS; Eastport, ME; and Quonset Point, RI. In 1963 we also deployed for a 6 month Mediterranean trip. 

USS Sarda (SS-488) first submarine to make 12,000 dives!
Date not known but prior to my arrival.

USS Sarda (AGSS-488) entering Monaco.

USS Sarda (AGSS-488) mooring in Monaco.

USS Sarda (AGSS-488) entering Valletta, Malta