Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sky Beans New Hat

This is my normal traveling hat. It is usually with me where ever I go.

This is my grandson, Sky Bean. He likes hats. He likes any and all hats. Normally as soon as I come through the door he strips me of my hat. Sometimes this means I forget my hat when I leave since it is now laying on the floor of Beaner's room.

So the plan, based on his mother's idea, is to get him his own hat. I would then wear his new hat like it was mine into his house. Here Sky Beans new hat being worn by me so he would want it.

It worked, it's would appear it has been accepted and approved.

1 comment:

Just Jac said...

Great work, all though are you gonna have to wear that hat in each time, cause I think he will still go for your hat, loL!