Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July Rainy Day

The weather guessers say we have a 70-80% chance of rain all week long. This of course is not just rain, it comes with lightning, thunder and sometimes high winds and other niceties such as hail.

This is a 16 month old who thinks he has it down. How hard can it be since his six year old and four year old brothers can do it; so can he.

The Nana likes to keep little projects around the house for visiting grandchildren. When you have a really hot or wet day it gives them something to do besides watch videos.

What Bean doesn't know is his glue has the cap screwed down so he can copy his brothers but the mess is minimized,

Gus the Elder and Wil the Younger are more experienced in the art of projects.

Mom is also there to maintain law and order.

You can see Bean watching the other two actually get some glue out of the container. He is very observant. Earlier the adult conversation revolved around squirt guns over the 4th weekend. The four year old could make his work. The 16 month old could not make his work; so he kept making his older brother trade squirt guns with him trying to find one that worked. Pretty dang smart I think.

Always thinking! I believe he has just been asked if he would like some chicken McNuggets.

Lucky for us, it doesn't rain inside McDonalds and the Happy Meals this week are based on the recent Ice Age movie presently showing in the local theaters.

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