Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nana's Headboard 3.0, November 2010

Lay out your plan.

Prepare the plywood back and cut out your form.

Lay down your foam padding.

Glue in place, two layers.

Cover your foam with a couple of layers of cloth.

Wall cleat installed.

Cleat installed on back of headboard. The smaller blocks down low ensure the headboard hangs against the wall properly.

Test mount against the wall.

Our bed has been relocated to the center of the room for the duration of this project.

Checking out the cloth for the final covering to see if it "goes" with the room.

Final cover in place awaiting the buttons.

Adding the cloth covered buttons.

Each also is hand anchored to a screw on the back of the headboard.

Anchor screw.

Adding the buttons is a time consuming process.

Finished and mounted on the wall.

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