Thursday, October 13, 2005


This picture was taken of my 1stLT daughter as her "chalk" made their graduation jump at the US Army Airborne School, FT Benning, Ga. She was number 13 in her chalk. I can not identify her exactly but I counted back from the picture of the Jumpmaster checking his aircraft and I believe she is in this picture. The body english of the jumper just out the door is the one I believe is her. If not, she could be the one tumbling below the aircraft. As the Dad, I pick the one just out the door.

The LT landed safely where her Dad, Master Chief, USN, Submarine Service, retired, pinned on her wings. She then proceeded to pin three of her fellow AIRBORNE mates who had no family members present at the graduation.

The camera was a Canon Digital Rebel with a 75-300mm Canon Image Stabilized lens. The aircraft was above 2000 feet and at least 1500 feet in front of me. Love those digital cameras.



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