Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Building A House

This is the lot we picked in December 2006 to build our new house on.

Construction started in February with clearing the lot. We managed to locate the house with minimal disturbance to the live oaks residing on the lot. We did remove a couple of water oaks who did not seem to be thriving.

By early March, the slab was down, the shell was up and the roof was on.

They had also started to apply the outside HardiBoard covering and as you can see the windows are also in.

Inside, they were working on the air conditionong ducts. The electrical and plumbing were already in place.

By the end of March, the insulation was in place.

Outside, you can see the Hardiboard has been completly installed and the roofing is in place.

Here is a view of the backside of the house.

They painted the exterior during the first week in April

They seem to have painted the backside also. As we were leaving they were starting to install wallboard inside.

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Jac said...

IT looks like a marvelous place to be! CAn't wait to see Geezy and Cheezy out there in their kayaks!