Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is the South side of the house, Maudie is getting her plants installed nicely. The lawn is centipede grass, that is supposed to be short, but it seems to grow fast. An early sprinkler problem caused some stress but recovery seems imminent.

This shot is closer to the East. You can see a fairly nice water oak that was left during the construction. We are only mowing the sod we laid down at this time. It is our intention to leave some wilder areas around the lot. But it also takes time and money to get these projects completed.

Here I have taken the shot a little North of East so you can view the side of the house as well as some of the backyard. The lot is 1/2 acre which is not huge, but a lot more than we had with our Mercedes Home in Brevard County.

As you look at the backyard, it is about 60 feet from the back porch to the fence line at the back of the property. This angle really does not show the whole backyard. Not all of it will be mowed although we do plan on making it deeper in the future. Some of it will be left rough. The day we moved in, our daughter and grandson saw two deer on the other side of the fence. We often see red tailed hawks and hummingbirds out here. There is also a large owl who lives in the area.

This a closer shot of the back porch. Maudie is putting in a patio to increase the area for entertaining. It will be concrete pavers with sand packed around them in the finest HGTV tradition. A pergola will be constructed to hold more plants and provide some shade.

The sandy area will be filled in for the patio and the pergola will be located in the area where the kiddie pool is leaning against the house.

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Just Jac said...

You must have one sexy lawn service to make your lawn look that great!