Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hope Y'all Had As Great Of An Easter As We Did

Here is a picture of the back porch. There are Easter eggs on the round table, the lounge on the left and also under the window on the right. You may not be able to see all the details in the picture.

There are also a couple of eggs visible in the grass. The eggs had to be put in the shade as the sun would melt any candy inside the egg.

This is Will searching for eggs. He is just now getting into it but we have to be careful because he has an older brother who is slightly faster and has done this more times.

This is Gus. He is almost a professional. Not quite though, he only got one of the eggs over his head without help. Although he was fast, he sometimes ran past closer ones to get the one he was looking at.

As you can see by their Easter baskets, both of them managed a good haul at the Annual Cheez Easter Egg Hunt. Now it's up to Mom and Dad to be the bad guys and make sure they don't eat all of that stuff all at once.

Newbie was not allowed to roam much. Between his Mom and Nana his feet never touched the ground. He spent his day taking on stores, blowing sanitaries and mooring alongside the two mother ships that were available. He must have had a real good time, because except for a short case of hiccups, we hardly knew he was there.

We had such a good time this weekend, we are going to try and do it again next weekend when even more family members can be there.


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