Saturday, March 01, 2008

Now In Port, Moored Alongside The Mothership

Here is the Beautiful Bride holding her youngest grandson. On 29 February he left the hospital where he was born and transferred to his new home port. Aside from one self-inflicted scratch on his cheek he seems to be in 4.0 condition.

Notice that he has his head up and is looking at me while I take his picture. I don't know a lot about really little tykes, but this little fellow tracked me with his eyes and by turning his head as I continued taking his picture. He was like a little fire control radar following my movements.

I remember years ago how the Mark 37 torpedoes would track on the below-decks watch, or anyone who walked by, when they made their rounds through the Forward Torpedo Room. The rudder and depth controls would shift position in an attempt to keep the torpedo pointed at the sound source. The torpedo was strapped into the skid and could not actually move but not from lack of effort on the torpedo's part.

I was really impressed by Newbies' effort to track my movements.

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