Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Adventure At Blue Springs

These are pictures taken by my daughters and blushing bride while on an adventure a couple of weeks ago at Blue Springs.

In the foreground are three of the grandboys. In the background is the jump pier. Each of them jumped off the pier into the water with their Aunt Jacqui. They all thought it was exciting and a little bit scary

As usual you will find my blushing bride with the babies. They and the Nana are resting in the shade, it was another very hot day.

Here is Baby Sky with his sun hat on. He likes to wear hats and have his picture taken. He likes to make adults smile.

Ise looks like he is having a great time as he comes out of the water. The day was hot, but the water in Blue Springs is not.

Gus also appears to be having fun. He has his swimming goggles on so he can see better underwater.

I will leave it up to you to decide whether you think baby Dee is having a good time or not.

This is Will as he arrives at the park. He always looks a little anxious but he went off the pier with the rest of them, scary or not.

More of Nana in the shade. Nana doesn't care if it is hot outside but she's not much for cold water.

Here we have Jac in the water with Will and Ise.

Baby Dee modeling her hat.

Baby Dee in her "At Rest" position. She likes to sleep with the edge of the baby blanket over her face.

This is a great picture of Mom and Son having fun at Blue Springs.

Another picture of some of the boys and Jac in the water.

Some kids really are camera hogs. He is a natural, just point a camera in his direction and he's on.

There is at least one indication in this picture that there is a difference between the air temperature and the water temperature. Look at Ise's face.

I told you Will often looks concerned. But I assure you he had a great time.

This is proof that Baby Sky was there with his mom. I guess she was just camera shy that day.


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Great pics, I really love the one of Jac & Isaac.

Shawn said...
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