Sunday, November 30, 2008

1871 NRA Centennial 1971

While digging around inside the Twins, I pulled out two replicas made by Daisy, one a Winchester Model 94 BB Rifle and the other a Single Action Colt 45 BB Pistol both of which are marked 1871 (dot) NRA Centennial (dot) 1971.

Each of them has wear marks, but no rust, from inadequate storage while I meandered around the world during my naval service. However, they are 100% complete with the exception of the boxes and paperwork that came with them. I would bet each has only shot a handful of BBs.

At this point, I thought what to heck, lets see if anyone is selling these on one of the online gun auctions.

Their value on the net, when you can find one seems to be a lot more than what I paid for them years ago. I only wish I had the boxes and paperwork that came with them. When you are young who knew they would become a collector's items.

Oh well, live and learn.

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