Saturday, December 06, 2008

Silver Springs Festival Of Lights

The Blushing Bride and

The Old Salt decided to go see the festival Of Lights at Silver Springs Amusement Park. About 30 minutes into the drive the radio station announced a parade on Silver Springs Blvd in Ocala which is the same street that runs past the entrance to Silver Springs amusement Park where we were headed. We decided to continue, it would workout or we would be on a different adventure.

This is one of the lighted displays in the park which I thought, as a transplanted Yankee, Christmas in Florida.

These white birds are some type of Egrets roosting in the tree across the Silver River headwaters in the park. Also in the tree are some Cormorants. By the time it was fully dark the tree was really full of birds.

This is the parks male Giraffe. Giraffes can give of an odor that make a pole-cat smell like a newborn baby. You have to smell it to believe it.

This weekend the Vietnam Moving Wall was also on display in the park.

As dusk fell the lighted displays got brighter.

A shrub trimmed, spray painted and lighted to look like a peacock.

A cute horse drawn buggy all lit up.

When it got dark, my ability to take a picture became determined by my ability to hold the camera still. Pictures in the dark require a tripod and more effort. I believe this is a photo of Pegasus.

Another shot of Pegasus with a lot more lights in the background.

This group of carolers, minus the kids, sang Christmas Carols for at least an hour with minimal breaks. The kids were invited up to sing "Jingle Bells."

I thought this would make a good last picture, I liked the way the picture turned out. We both had a great time and fully recommend the festival of Lights to everyone.

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Just Jac said...

Great pics! Perhaps we could accompany you there next year!