Friday, December 05, 2008

The Texas Gun

Yesterday my grandsons, Gus, Will and the Newbie stopped by with their mother for an Afternoon of Fun in the Sun. Later in the afternoon, Gus, the older one told me after his nap he went in the "Man Room" looking for me and he saw my "Texas Gun."

I asked him what that was and he said, "You know, like they use in Texas."

He was describing a 45 Colt Replica made by Daisy. A BB gun that was issued in 1971 to celebrate the NRA Centennial. The replica hangs alongside the "Man Room" television set in a old western style holster with belt. The Daisy replica Winchester Model 94 also hangs alongside the replica pistol in a leather scabbard I used deer hunting years ago in California. The scabbard is Western and normally used with a saddle; I used it to strap my rifle to my dirt bike to get around logging trails.

So both Gus (5) and Will (3) went into the "Man Room" where I allowed them to look them over, answer questions and generally chat Texas Guns.

Life is good!

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