Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Pre-Christmas Pictures From NC

Nana gets her sugar at every opportunity.

Baby Dee has been introduced to new toy. This item came from her Florida Aunt Marcy.

I don't know if the kids at Aunt Marcy's house outgrew it or Aunt Marcy got tired of tripping over it.

As you can see by my pictures, Baby Dee was really into this. The tabletop mounts on legs but at this time it is flat on the floor. Baby Dee was not yet standing by herself when these pictures were taken. However, she was just getting ready to graduate from the slow and low crawl to a faster up on her knees crawl

Pictures of the family in North Carolina.

Some more of my pictures next to the Christmas Tree.

Ise kept checking with Baby Dee to make sure everything was OK.

I shot a lot of these however, usually if one kid was on track, the other was drifting elsewhere.

Often the look on Baby Dees face reminds me of her mother when she was a child. Other times Baby Dee's expression reminds me of my mother.

These pictures are of no particular order, I just liked them.

When you are the blogger, you get to pick the picture used.

We all had a good time and nobody cried, at least not a lot.

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Great pictures!