Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nana's harvest from the wonders of Craig's List. A wicker headboard which she has freshly painted a very light yellow.

The headboard however is a little small for the bed Nana wants to use it with. No problem, cutout a slightly larger shape that follows the form of the wicker headboard.

The next step would be to fill in any gaps or gouges. Then slap on a coating of primer.

Here is the freshly painted wicker headboard ready for the backing form to be added.

And here is the temporarily finished product installed at the head of the bed. I say temporarily because who knows what it will look like next week.


Just Jac said...

Oh wow, that looks great, kind of like a resort! Great work Nana, and great pictures Cheez!

Carol said...

Looks great! You sure are creative Maud!