Friday, October 09, 2009

Pound Puppy 2009 Update

Shasta is now being fed three (3) cups of Science Diet five (5) times a day. That generates a tremendous amount of crap daily. However, the amount of crap is slightly overwhelmed by the giant methane generator now sleeping on the living room rug.

So far, no accidents. However she is fed outside so she gets plenty of chances to cover the yard. Zoie, our female cat is keeping a low profile and Crash, our junkyard cat, gets snarly and huffy but Shasta really seems to pay no attention to either of them.

She has woofed a couple of times but does not seem to be a barker. We have had a miniature schnauzer and are familiar with barkers - a somewhat undesirable trait. Since we live somewhat in the country a WOOF may be a good thing.

We put out a wicker couch by the curb for anyone that wanted it. When a neighbor knocked on the door, Shasta was right there to see who it was. Not pushing, not barking just all 60 pounds looking out the door. That is a good thing.
When ever I sign up a dog, I explain to them they are the "sacrificial dog" but Glock is their backup and will be right behind them.

Another news update: In the last month we have seen a "fox" twice during our morning walks around the neighborhood. Turns out that fox is a coyote. In fact this section of Florida has many coyotes. according to Wikipedia, coyotes are found North into New England on the East Coast.

The coyote we see has more red highlights than this one. The bad news is, hungry coyotes will eat family pets. They are probably easier to catch than squirrels.

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Just Jac said...

Luke carries a loaded handgun in the desert for coyotes. He said when he walks to work in the morning he can hear them howling all around him! Crazy...make sure you are packing Cheez, we want to see you for Christmas!!

love you, Jacqui