Thursday, February 25, 2010

The MT's Computer Table

The MT (Medical Transcriptionist) needs a larger computer table upon which to base her new career.

After many false starts and ideas on table length and width, we decided to start with this old desk from a pawnshop.

It is a solid wood desk reclaimed from an abandoned storage locker.

The sides are relatively unscathed, while the top is marred and scarred.

There is a heavy coat of what appears to be varnish all over the desk.

Here is the first cut. I am going for the two upright sections. I will make them the pillars that hold up the new table.

First cut as seen from the back.

Here the second cut has been made and I am using a hand saw to completely cut all the way through in the backside of the desk.

Once the two uprights have been separated, I used a power sander to smooth out the finish and prepare the sides for painting.

The separated sides. I also took out each drawer and rebuilt/reglued them as required.

On the insides of each leg, I had to repair some holes that developed when the desk was disassembled.

Seams that opened over the life of the desk were filled with caulking in preparation for painting the legs.

The table top came from Lowes. It was a man made pine board 24"X72"X1" that was stained with a red oak stain. The legs were painted black to make the top stand out. The drawer handles were replaced with some that were already on hand. The holes for the original pulls which did not align with the new handles were filled with oak dowel and the new handles were then fitted.

The keyboard sets on a shelf that is 24"w X 13" deep providing enough area to hold the keyboard and mouse at an optimum height for the MT. The key board shelf is also pine and was cut from a man made Lowes board. It was also stained to match the top of the desk.

Since the desk top is soft pine, it will be finished as funds permit with a glass table top cut to fit at some date in the near future.

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