Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Beach At FT Fisher, Kure Beach, NC

In the water catching a wave.

Notice the facial expression, he still is not quite used to the salt water in his face.

Coming up the beach after a successful run.

Headed for the water with Nana.

The Nana has quickly determined the water temperature is not to her standards for immediate submersion.

Headed down the beach for Dad.

Shovel and pail in hand.

Ask her if she wants to go to the beach and her first grab is her shovel and pail.

He is in there.

The board pops up first.

Getting serious with the digging.

Nana and grandboy playing in the surf.

Photographs for posterity.

Another angle.

Launched with Nana's verbal directions.

Looking really good.

It worked as planned.

Trying to get on and stay on the board.

Coming off the board in the surf.

Big brother and little sister playing in the sand.

The Nana checking on her people.

Kite flying Nana on Kure Beach, NC.

That is her kite in the background. It is about 6 inches long with a 10 foot tail. However, it launched easily and flew great.

Having a great time.

Soaked to the core, a surfing dude.

Nana with grandboy surfer dude.

Nana takes a cold water shot to the back. The sun was hot, but the water was not.

She is a serious looking kid who smiles more when her people follow her directions and don't question her.

Entering the water with a full head of steam.

Nana is urging a little caution. Little sister does not have many hours logged on a salt water beach, or any other beach for that matter.

Little sister getting used to salt water in the face.

More salt water.

Loving every minute of it.

The knowledgeable big brother.

Just hanging around in the surf.

Coming through the surf.

Big brother says, "try this".

On the board for the first time.

Lonely surfboard.

Surfing, all by herself.

Orientation after being run over by a wave.


Soaking wet and loving it.

Surfing Dude. Note there are two large drops of water flying, one in front of his right eye and one below it on the edge of his nose.

Mother and Daughter on the beach.

Beach toys in the sand.

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