Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FT Fisher, North Carolina

Fort Fisher was a Confederate fort during the American Civil War. It protected the vital trading routes of the port at Wilmington, North Carolina, from 1861 until its capture by the Union in 1865. The fort was located on one of Cape Fear River's two outlets to the Atlantic Ocean on what was then known as Federal Point and today is known as Pleasure Island.

The batteries were mounted on soil mounts (sand hills) and were particularly efficient at absorbing salvos of heavy ordinance .

Mine of the type used at the Battle of FT Fisher. They were moored in the water or buries in the surrounding dirt and detonated remotely.

The item in front is a small mortar for throwing bombs (shells) over the sand hills to get the folks on the other side.

The pointy items that resemble shells I believe were torpedoes, they were mounted on a framework in the water and if a ship got to close it would hit the torpedo causing it to detonate.

A ships anchor recovered after the battles were over. In the cage behind the anchor is a gun mount sans gun typical of the Civil War time frame.

A view of the outer stockade from the walking tour starting point.

Tourists in full regalia. If you look closely, there is another one behind them (actually two but I think one is behind those in the front).

A stand of beautiful oak trees on FT Fisher property.

A long range view of the fort, looking South from the path around the fort.

The end of an old riverside road that came from and went to Wilmington, NC.

A panoramic view of FT Fisher. You can see the sand hills and the stockade fence which is the outer line of defence. This picture looks Southeast towards the fort.

The Old Salt and Nana on the FT Fisher tour.

Hermit crabs and their holes. They are hard to spot, but there were literally dozens of them.

A closeup of the outer stockade defense line of FT Fisher.

Long gun, no mount and no identification as to size, manufacturer or which side used it.

Gun on carriage mounted as to defend FT Fisher. The gun emplacement was on top of the sand hills and the powder was stored inside at the base of the sand hill.

21st Century gun crew, with an Ex-Airborne Captain in Command.

A gun layer practices his craft.

A gnarly old oak tree, but it threw a lot of shade.

The only tourist missing is the photographer.

If there is a wheel or a crank to turn, it will be.

Naval type gun located outside of the entrance to the FT Fisher Museum

I loved the tour, but the sun was so hot I thought I was still in Florida. Be sure to carry water, it helps out a lot.

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RoadDog said...

One of my favorite places in the world and the reason I got so interested in the Civil War and history.

Great pictures and glad you enjoyed it despite the heat.