Saturday, October 23, 2010

Indiana Jones and Halloween 2010

My grandson wanted to dress as Indiana Jones for Halloween, so I told his mother I would come up with some appropriate armament for Indie.

Well, first thing is they do not make cap pistols like they used to. I guess the federal government now prescribes orange on the barrel so they will not be seen as "real" weapons. That being said, an entirely orange gun like Walmart sells and the orange greens ones sold in California also are totally lacking in style.

There are Japanese made replica pistols and revolvers out there that cost as much as real pistols and revolvers. But the kid is only seven and it's only for Halloween.

A plastic Model 1911 45 was not happening, no Webley revolvers, no Schofields and very few cowboy pistols unless I wanted a real collectors item.

Finally, I located a Broomhandle Mauser, made out of plastic, clicks when you pull the trigger and was relatively inexpensive. Also, only the front end of the barrel was orange.

I found a black leather belt at the Humane Society Thrift Shop and slightly modified a WWII holster for a Model 1911 to carry the Broomhandle Mauser.

Broomhandle jammed into holster. It does not fall out when shaken upside down but it can be drawn easily.

I attached a tie-down strap to the bottom of the holster and I will trim the black leather belt when he puts the rig on.

It may not be exactly what Indiana Jones carried, but he could have and he would have looked way cool; while being well armed.

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