Sunday, October 03, 2010

Disney Half Marathon Race Trip, October 2010

The view from in front of our room.

The other side of the water slides.

Some Nick character statues

placed around the area

known as the Mall.

Some of their

characters inside the Mall

posing for photos with any and all comers.

A closer view of the water slide from the pool area.

Ready for the Half Marathon. This picture is about 1900 hrs, just before it got dark.

This is the line of runners to get on the bus for transportation to the start area.

Wheel chair racers.

The Epcot Dome taken about midnight while I waited for "my" runner. To see any of the race required a $35 ticket to get into Epcot after 2200 hrs so I waited either in the car or out front of Epcot from when she got on the bus until she finished the race.

Finished and with medal at about 0100 hrs, ready to go home.

Some of the room art in our room.

More room art.

A Dora statue on the way to the Mall area.

The countdown begins, the big bucket is ready to dump Nick green slime.

Dumping green slime.

A shot of DownTown Disney.

The Bench, DownTown Disney.

A Restaurant on the water.

Front of the T-Rex Restaurant.

Lego Transformer.

Lego Dinosaur.

Lego lover.

Look, this Lego set is pink for girls.

Sometimes you don't want your picture taken.

Two year old Disney shopper.

A family or two of shoppers.

Star Wars Potato Heads.

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