Monday, November 15, 2010

Revelation 310 (Mossberg 500 Variation) Shotgun Disassembly

A Western Auto Revelation Model 310A 12 GA shotgun made by Mossberg for Western Auto. The paperwork available to me indicates this gun is the same as a Mossberg Model 500 AB.

This is the second shotgun I have come across that I was unable to remove the action slide assembly from the receiver. However, this one I get to find out why by removing the magazine tube.

At this point, the barrel and the trigger housing assembly have been removed as with a normal Mossberg Model 500 type shotgun.

The receiver has now been emptied with the exception of the safety components. Laid out under the receiver are from left to right: trigger housing pin, trigger housing assembly, cartridge interrupter, cartridge stop, bolt slide, bolt assembly and the elevator.

At this point a normal Mossberg Model 500 action slide assembly would slide right out of the receiver. In this case, something is impeding the forward movement of the action slide assembly. No amount of finagling with the action slide bars in the receiver will allow removal. When pulled all the way forward there appears to be a spring involved which causes the action slide assembly to move back towards the receiver.

The cartridge stop is out of the receiver.

The cartridge interrupter is out of the receiver.

After applying penetrating oil and waiting over the weekend, the receiver was placed upside down in a vice with the forward end inside the vice to reduce chances of pinching or twisting the receiver.

A large pair of pliers were used with cloth wrapped around the magazine tube. This did cause some external scarring of the magazine tube. I had also placed painter's tape around the magazine Tube but the pliers also tore the tape. Be sure the pliers at at the forward end of the magazine tube, not in the middle as this will reduce chances of twisting the magazine tube.

Here I am using a leather welders glove but I would expect the pressures involved with untorquing the magazine tube (which appeared to be sealed with some type of Lok-Tite when inspected after removal) would also tear the leather. A heavier leather may work, particularly if used with an adhesive.

Remember, as you remove the magazine tube, the magazine spring is compressed inside of that tube.

This is a replacement Mossberg 500 magazine tube as sold by USA Midway.

This is the magazine tube removed from the Revelation Model 310 shotgun.

Here you see a flat spring wound around the magazine tube. This provides the spring action felt when trying to remove the action slide assembly during breakdown.

There is also a band around the magazine tube forward of the spring. I think this is to provide centering inside the action slide assembly.

Reassembly is simply the reverse of your previous actions. I do not believe the magazine tube needs any form of Lok-Tite to keep it in position. Once the barrel is installed, it will keep the magazine tube from backing out. Ensure the follower and magazine spring are properly positioned when installing the magazine tube otherwise the magazine tube has a tendency to jam when being screwed in.


Guns said...

The manufacturing of this Gun sounds really difficult but you have done a good job.

Anonymous said...

Well! You'd think somebody would have posted a vid to Youtube about this task. Thank goodness you're article is out there. I acquired a Revelation R310AB way back in the mid '80's, known for the past several years it was derived from a Mossberg but only recently found the need to further disassemble the action tube assembly and for the life of me wasn't sure what was impeding it's removal. I suspected the mag 'might' screw off but ruled that out as a "naah, surely not, must be somethin' simpler".

Can't thank you enough for your blog post nearly four years later :))

Thanks, BigDave

vkeith said...

Excellent article and photos! Just what I needed to get the action slide off of my Revelation R310AB. I originally tried to dissolve the Locktite Black Max on the magazine tube threads using acetone, but ended up using a propane torch to heat the receiver and tube to about 400°F (estimate). The magazine tube unthreaded fairly easily without needing a vice while the Loctite was still liquid.

Thanks for taking the time to post this guide!